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1. What is Flying Squirrels?
Flying Squirrels is the most exciting new Adventure Tour in the Chiang Mai area. It combines zip lines with a series of exhilarating obstacle and challenge elements built high in the treetops. Flying Squirrels might be the most legal FUN you'll ever have!
2. Why should I choose Flying Squirrels over the similar tours?
It is human nature to crave something new! Unlike other similar activities where you are simply dangling from a cable, our tour offers you something much more: FUN and diverse activities that virtually EVERYONE can enjoy. These activities mirror actual life skills like balance, coordination, and concentration to teach individuals, groups, or teams to face new challenges, while gain ing a deeper understanding of others and ourselves. Many of the elements allow individuals to decide the level of challenge they desire. What better way is there to enjoy some fun and adventure while getting something out of it as well!

3. Why is it called Flying Squirrels?
The adventure experience is designed to re- create the way playful flying squirrels glide in and above the wondrous forest. Furthermore, part of our company's mission is to protect, conserve and promote the well - being of the Thai forest and its wildlife.
4. I have a fear of heights, should I do this?
Face your fears and overcome them! This is the chance of a lifetime to do so. Besides, our highly - trained Flight Officers (FOs) work hard to put you at ease with their expert knowledge and safety methods. Once you get going with your group you are bound to soon forget about it all and just have FUN!

5. So is it really safe?
We meet or exceed the safety standards of the challenge course industry in respect to design, construction and all areas of operations. Two well - trained Flight officers will ensure your safety at all times, while on the platform you will be continuously connected to safety lines.

6. Where is it?
Flying Squirrels is in a lush Tropical Evergreen Forest near the idylli c mountain village of Pong Krai. At about 1000 meters above sea level, it takes about an hour to drive there from Chiang Mai.

7. How do I get to your site?
Our VIP vans will perform regular pick- ups throughout the day. However, should you decide to make the drive in by yourselves, the following directions will get you there (However, please note there is limited parking at the site): From Kuang Sing junction on the Super Highway take 107 North towards Mae Rim. Travel about 17 Km until Mae Sa junction. Turn left on 1096 West. Travel for about 15 Km, you will pass Mae Sa Waterfall, Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden etc. Go through the village of Pong Yaeng. Continue until you see the signs for 'Watershed Management Unit' and 'Flying Squirrels' on your right hand side. Turn right and travel for about 3 Km Follow the signs to the Flying Squirrels' office. You've arrived at The Paradise of EXTREME FUN lovers!

8. What do I need to bring?
• Any payment and/or a prepaid vouchers (at present, no credit cards are acce pted at the site itself).
• Cameras with straps (that can be worn around your neck) 
• Bug repellent and sunscreen 
• Your unlimited spirit to soar higher and higher!

9. How long do the tours take?
Depending on the number of people in your group, you will spend ab out three hours in the forest canopy, about one hour for a traditional Thai buffet and chilling out at our picturesque office (where you can take a hot shower if you wish!). Add about one hour travel time each way. Allow six to seven hours from pick - up time.

10. What are the physical requirements for your tour?
Pretty much everyone can participate. Our course involves some easy to moderate physical activity. It is not recommended for people with heart, back, hip or knee problems or for pregnant women.

11. How much walking is involved?
Not much at all. Your adventure starts at our office where you hop in a four- wheel drive vehicle for a picturesque drive through the forest to the crest of the mountain. From there, you will head up a few stairs to the "launching pad". HAPPY FLYING!

12. What do I need to wear?
Be comfortable but few guidelines apply. Pants or long shorts are recommended. As for footwear, sandals are discouraged but if you must, make sure they strap around the ankles. Flip - flops are NOT allowed. Generally, loose clothing is highly recommended. RELAX!

13. Will we encounter wildlife on tour?
We have seen many varieties of animals, different species of birds and, most notably, flying squirrels while on tour but, we cannot guarantee seeing wildl ife.

14. Does your tour operate in the cold or rain?
Yes. We will go rain or shine, hot or cold. The only exception to this is extreme winds and rain.

15. Is it possible to watch and take pictures without going on tour?
Those who do not want to partici pate can watch and take pictures on the first and last stations, namely 'starting and finishing points'. However, it's impossible to walk along the entire course because of the terrain and the number of challenging ravines. For your safety we ask that you stay within our designated zones.

16. Can children under the age of 18 go on the tour by themselves?
For safety reasons, an adult must accompany all minors. For every three minors, one adult must be present on the tour.

17. Is there a weight restriction?
Yes. The minimum weight is 20 Kg while a body weight of 110 Kg is the maximum.

18. Do you donate zip line tours for fundraising events?
Yes. We are happy to help our community and donate our tours. However, due to the high number of requests, we ask that all charity enquiries be sent to: